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Technology meets innovation at ILM Infosoft, a company that brings forth the power to discover new things and endeavors to create a positive change in the society and mankind. The strength of technology lies in combining innovative & efficient methodology to produce the required output.

ILM Infosoft established in 2016, is highly regarded for the strength of its latest technology. Our technocrats have over a decade of professional expertise which has helped customers improve results. Our products and services are innovative, user centric and research driven.


We are Innovative,User-centric & Research based Pioneers in Problem Solving.

ILM Infosoft offers a wide range of services in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Information Technology (IT) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our professional services include business solutions, project implementation, software design, development, and technical support.

Our group of technocrats with over a decade of experience and in depth understanding of the various products and services continuously research and bring with us the latest and futuristic technology.

Geospatial Solutions

The scope of our Geospatial services is to acquire, manipulate, analyze and maintain/store all sorts of geographic data with relevant software technologies. We are specialized in services related to both raster as well as vector data. Our expertise is in all leading software in the industry such as ESRI ArcGIS, ERDAS, Geomedia etc.

How we work

Innovative Approach

Today, ILM Infosoft has the full potential to work for clients around the globe and various government organizations in various innovative methods. We facilitate problem solving with our result driven products and services.

User Based Approach

We are committed to our clients and continuously strive to seek a deeper understanding of the various challenges and opportunities faced by our clients, and work together to produce a better output.

Research Driven

Our group of technocrats with over a decade of experience and in depth understanding of the various products and services continuously research and bring with us latest and futuristic technology.

IT Solutions

ILM – Driven by innovative technology, efficiency and powerful industry solutions offer world class service related to Information Technology. We are experts in all the major fields of IT services such as Software development, Mobile solutions & all sorts of web applications and services, with a long term orientation and focus on sustainable growth.

BIM Solutions

Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) services offers an intelligent 3D model - based process that gives professionals of architecture, engineering, & construction (AEC) the insight and tools to more efficiently plan,design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. We provide BIM Modelling services using Autodesk’s Revit BIM platform.

Our working process

Our GIS Services

We provide GIS Solutions which consist of applications and tools, helping the companies in the automation of business process and improvement of overall business including engineering, planning, management, transport/logistics, insurance and telecommunications. We have a diverse expertise in serving the clients across industries, which include Land Development Authorities, Municipalities, River Conservative Directories, Mining Companies and Pollution Control Boards.

Our GIS experts blend data with geography and apply some of the best mapping technologies in the world to transform data into maps for efficient spatial analysis. ILM adds a new spatial perspective to the decision making process guiding companies with a roadmap to success.

Enterprise GIS Solutions
GIS Data Services
Mapping Solutions
LiDAR Services

Our IT Services

Website Design & Development
Software Development Services
ERP Solutions
Mobile APP Solutions
Web Application & Hosting
E Commerce Solutions
Digital Marketing
Infrastructure Design & Maintenance

Our BIM Services

Point Cloud to BIM
MEP Modeling
Architecture & Structure Modeling

Our Success Stories

Paani Lao

It is a simple and easy to use mobile app service to get drinking water delivered at your doorstep in a click. Paani Lao is committed to provide your preferred brand of drinking water in easiest possible method. As our name says "Paani Lao", get me water – and we are at your service.

We don’t own a water plant, nor are we water distributor company. We are the connectors. You need drinking water at your door step, but never know which of the nearest water company has water of your brand and choice ? It is simple now with Paani Lao, we connect you to the nearest water delivery company/ water vehicle for your water needs. And we ensure smooth delivery with our navigation features.

TRACKIT (www.trackit.com.sa)

TrackIT is a one stop easy to use online portal for vehicle tracking, fleet management and delivery solutions. It is allows the users to track the vehicle in real time on google map, manage different parameters.

It offers services beyond tracking the vehicles, with a simple & easy to use sales order creation module, that allows the client to create the sales, which will be later assigned to specific driver(s) to generate the trip.

It contains a portal access for admin, with driver app for delivery & customer app for tracking the sales order.

ENAQL (www.enaql.com)

ENAQL is an online portal, to fulfill the demand and the supply requirements in Transportation & Logistics sectors in the middle east. It puts together the demand & supply on a single platform to search the requirements of transport companies and the dealers/companies.

It offers free job posting and trips posting for dealers and transporters respectively. Each detailed view of the search results are at a cost of certain points. It also offer live tracking option of the trucks based on the driver app.

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